Tesla dominates European EV sales with help from Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg

2023-03-18 | #batteries #electric-vehicles #energy #renewable #tesla #volkswagen

Counterpoint Research has revealed that Tesla and Volkswagen have emerged as the top-selling electric vehicle (EV) brands in Europe, with Tesla's Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg playing a key role in its success. The report also highlights the increasing popularity of pure battery electric vehicles and the growth of Chinese EV brands in the European market.

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First cannabis store chain planned in Germany

2023-03-17 | #cannabis #enchilada #franchise #healthcare #heesh #new-industry #synbiotic

Germany is set to have its first cannabis store chain with Enchilada and Synbiotic revealing their concept for franchise stores at the Internorga catering trade fair in Hamburg. The two companies are planning to sell "cannabis products of all kinds" under the brand name Heesh, positioning themselves to take advantage of the billion-dollar market.

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Was Revolut Really Profitable?

2023-03-16 | #cryptocurrency #fintech #revolut

Revolut, the British fintech company, has released its annual financial results for the year 2021, reporting a significant increase in revenue and moving into profit. While the majority of revenue comes from crypto and the auditors qualified the audit report, Revolut's growth and profit highlight the success of its business model.

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