Rebel Tech Raises €1.5 Million to Revolutionize Electronic Repairs with Deep Tech

2023-04-23 | #e-waste #electric-vehicles #electronics-repair #laser #rebel-tech

Berlin-based start-up Rebel Tech has raised €1.5 million in pre-seed funding to develop its innovative laser technology for separating smartphone glass from the display at a fraction of the cost and climate impact of current methods. The company aims to expand its services to include repairing more electronic devices, from laptops to electric vehicles, to drastically cut the cost of repair, increase the lifespan of electronics, and reduce e-waste.

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Nosh's Fungi-based Meat Replacement: A Sustainable Alternative

2023-04-22 | #environmental-impact #fungi #meat-replacement #nosh #plant-based

Berlin-based startup Nosh has raised €3.2 million in seed funding to develop a fungi-based meat replacement that mimics the texture and taste of animal meat while remaining sustainable and healthy. By using mycelium, the fiber and vitamin-rich protein that collects nutrients for fungi, Nosh has found a solution to many of the challenges that the plant-based meat industry has been facing.

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Lieferando Strike for Better Working Conditions Called by NGG

2023-04-21 | #convenience #delivery-service #gig-economy #lieferando #strike

The German food and hospitality trade union Nahrung-Genuss-Gaststätten (NGG) has called on Lieferando drivers to strike for better working conditions. The union is demanding a minimum hourly wage of 15 euros, a 13th-month salary, and higher surcharges for shifts on weekends and holidays. The drivers are expected to gather in front of the Lieferando office in Frankfurt before marching to the Hauptwache. The union is planning strikes in other cities if the company refuses to negotiate.

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Klarna's New Price Comparison Tool: How Does It Compare to Other Online Comparisons?

2023-04-19 | #ecommerce #klarna #pricerunner

Klarna has been pursuing the goal of offering everything related to shopping in one place for years, and their latest step towards this is the launch of their own price comparison tool. This “comprehensive and independent price comparison tool” is intended to provide a “trusted alternative to Google or Amazon” within the Klarna app. This approach suggests that Klarna is looking to differentiate itself from established price comparison sites. In this blog post, we will look at what is known about the Klarna price comparison tool and how it differs from other online price comparison sites.

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