Blocktorch web3 Observability Platform Raises $4.2 Million


Blocktorch, an observability platform for web3 engineering teams, has recently announced the successful closure of its seed funding round, raising an impressive $4.2 million. The Berlin-based startup aims to address the critical need for better error handling and system data analysis in the rapidly evolving world of web3 technologies.

Web3 technologies, which encompass decentralized applications (dApps) and blockchain-based systems, have witnessed a surge in adoption and developer activity over the past few years. As the complexity of web3 applications increases, the ability to quickly access, understand, and fix errors becomes paramount. This is where Blocktorch comes in.

Led by Ideo CoLab Ventures, the seed funding round attracted participation from notable investors such as Speedinvest, RockawayX, Alchemy Ventures, Remote First Ventures, Bryce Ferguson for Sequoia’s scout program, Charlie Songhurst, Simon Jones (Voltz Labs CEO), Andreas Klinger, Max Stoeckl (Dogami CEO), Henry Chen (GP WAGMI Ventures), Felix Wolf, and Entrepreneur First. The injection of capital will enable Blocktorch to expand its engineering and commercial teams, supporting the upcoming official launch of its observability platform.

According to a report from, web3 developer activity saw an astounding 453% increase in the year leading up to Q4 of 2022. During this period, 4.6 million smart contracts were deployed, underscoring the rapid growth and maturity of the web3 ecosystem. While funding remains a significant concern for developers, the demand for robust tooling services closely follows.

Gery Pollak, the co-founder and CEO of Blocktorch, explains the motivation behind their platform: “Our users tell us that up to 30% of engineering time in web3 is spent on error handling and understanding system data. What we’re doing is similar to the impact Datadog had on cloud development a decade ago. Engineers can get all of the essential logs, metrics, and traces they need straight out of the box, without having to build time-consuming in-house tools themselves.”

Since launching its alpha version in September 2022, Blocktorch has already garnered significant interest from developers, with hundreds signing up for the service. In a recent milestone, the company released the beta version of its platform, featuring expanded functionality to track various types of data, including logs, traces, and metrics. This enhanced support for the wider architecture stack used by dApps demonstrates Blocktorch’s commitment to meeting the evolving needs of web3 developers.

Yang Tran, from Speedinvest, shared his enthusiasm for the investment: “The number of developers building in the crypto space has increased at an unprecedented pace in recent years, but developer tooling has not kept up at the same rate. We are more than happy to back the talented team behind Blocktorch in building the observability platform for the decentralized stack, covering all observability pillars and empowering developers to scale every decentralized component globally and serve billions of users reliably.”