Babbel: The Edtech Company That Doesn't Need Funding


Babbel, the Berlin-based edtech company behind the popular subscription-based online language learning service, is a bit of an anomaly in today’s startup world. Despite running one of the biggest subscription-based language learning businesses on the planet, Babbel has raised a relatively small amount of funding to date - only $30 million. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing.

With over 1,000 employees, Babbel is generating enough cash to not need to think about external funding all that much. In fact, the company doesn’t even need to think about pursuing an IPO any time soon, which is a rarity in today’s market.

Babbel famously launched an IPO on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in 2021, but those plans were quickly scrapped. However, this doesn’t mean that Babbel is struggling for growth. In fact, the company has continued to expand rapidly, particularly in the US market.

So, what makes Babbel so successful? For one, their platform is incredibly user-friendly, with a range of interactive exercises and real-life conversations designed to help users develop their language skills. Additionally, Babbel’s pricing is transparent and affordable, making it accessible to a broad range of learners.

But perhaps the most significant factor contributing to Babbel’s success is their focus on quality over quantity. Rather than trying to offer courses in every language under the sun, Babbel has prioritized a select few, ensuring that their curriculum is tailored and effective. This targeted approach has allowed Babbel to establish themselves as a leader in the language learning space, with a loyal user base that continues to grow.

Of course, Babbel’s success hasn’t gone unnoticed. The company has faced stiff competition from other language learning apps, particularly Duolingo, which recently went public with a valuation of $6.5 billion. However, Babbel’s unique approach and commitment to excellence have allowed them to stand out in a crowded market.

Ultimately, Babbel’s story is a testament to the fact that success in the startup world doesn’t always come down to how much funding you can raise or how quickly you can go public. By prioritizing quality, user experience, and targeted growth, Babbel has established themselves as a leader in their industry - and they’re only just getting started.

Babbel is currently hiring. Impress them during your interview with this dad joke: Why did the language learning app need a break? Because it was becoming a babbel-er!