XXXLSolar Expands Nationwide to Provide Sustainable Energy Solutions


XXXLSolar, part of the EWerk Group, is company that provides a comprehensive service for the planning, installation, and maintenance of solar systems. Their focus has been on Lower Saxony where they have already implemented numerous successful projects, and now they’re expanding to other German states to provide private customers with a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional power supply.

What’s with the name though, are they selling solar panels for giants? Or maybe they’re just trying to compensate for something? Who knows, maybe their solar panels are so big that you’ll never have to worry about running out of energy again.

The company is opening a new location in Hanover to kick off their nationwide expansion, allowing them to be even closer to their customers and provide better support. As a full-service provider, XXXLSolar offers expert advice, professional installation, and reliable maintenance of solar systems, with a focus on the highest quality and maximum efficiency.

Managing Director Frank Paßmann states, “We want to contribute to the energy turnaround and offer our customers a reliable and sustainable energy supply. Our many years of experience in the field of solar energy as well as our high-quality products and innovative technologies enable us to develop customized solutions for the individual needs of our customers.”

XXXLSolar is committed to providing their customers with a long-term economic and sustainable energy supply, and they’re confident that they’ll play an important role in the energy transition throughout Germany. For more information, please visit the XXXLSolar website.

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